What is Tantra? – 2

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Tantra is a developed present time relevant form of the vedic rituals. Even the rituals or sadhana using the five M’s or the Panch Makar is as per the rituals laid down in the vedas. But people who oppose tantra have chosen the panch makar sadhana to defame tantra.

After the battle of Mahabharta, tantra reigned supreme for about two thousand years. Later with the arrival of Buddha and Mahavira who propagated Buddhism and Jainism respectively, advocating the path of Ahimsa, people turned away from the path of tantra. A large number of Hindus were influenced by the two religions which opposed the principles of vedas. Thus hindus themselves were responsible for the destruction of  the tantric path and its literature, thereby turning away from the vedas of Kaliyuga.

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What is Tantra? – 1

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Tantra Shastra or the tantric manuscripts are like encyclopedia of Hinduism. They contain all the rituals and practices followed in Hindu dharma. Tantric texts are mainly divided into two categories, Aagama and Nigama. Apart from them many other tantric texts like Damar, Yamala, Uddish etc are also available. A large number of tantric texts have vanished with the passage of time. Tantric texts are in the form of dialogues between Shiva and Parvati. Aagam are those where Shiva is the speaker and Parvati is the listener whereas in Nigama, Parvati is the speaker while Shiva is the listener. Most of the other tantras have only Shiva as the speaker.

Those who are the followers of the Tantric Path respect the Tantras just like the Vedas. But due to ignorance or other reasons normal religious hindus do not accept the importance of Tantra, going to the extent of opposing and maligning them. The fact is that the Tantras are the Vedas of Kalyuga and advise and guide a sadhaka on the ways and means of attaining what so ever he wants in the Kalyuga as the other forms of worship as given in Vedas and Upanishads are not fruitful in the Kalyuga.

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What is Tantra?

Most people think of Tantra as a taboo in the realm of spirituality. They believe it is like black magic, voodoo etc. But this is far from the truth. Tantra shows you the path of spiritualism. Tantra means a system. It guides you on the path of self discovery and self realization. It is a general misconception that tantras and vedas are different or opposite. Tantras give you the vedic knowledge in a no nonsense and concise way. They follow what is given in the vedas but in a structured manner and lead us to our spiritual goals in a systemetic manner.

Tomorrow more on tantra..

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Hello world!

Dear friends,

I welcome you to the realm of tantra and spirituality. I am here to bring before you the reality about tantra. It is saddening that most of the information available on the internet about tantra is misleading. It will be my sincere effort to bring before you the true picture of tantra and related information.

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